Upside down apricot and caramelized almonds with Orange rice flour and buckwheat   **  6,00€



IGP hazelnut cake with zabaglione € 7.00


Spoon sweet delight with coffee cream, biscuit soaked in coffee, wild berry jam,

toasted almonds and pine nuts €6.00


Tiramisù with amaretti biscuits €6.00

Berry/chocolate/caramel/passion fruit panna cotta**     6,00 €

Baci di dama with orange rice flour and buckwheat flour **      6,00 €


One Bacio di dama (sandwich cookie) to be dipped in a glass of zabaglione €6.50


Apple crumble with zabaglione €6.00


Bunet 6,00€


Bunet with zabaglione 7,00€


Tasting of local malga cheeses   **      14,00 € 


Tasting of local malga cheeses 12,00 €  


Glass moscato traversa 4,00 €

Bottle moscato traversa 16,00 €




Gluten free

** As bread and pasta are homemade, there may be airborne contamination