History of some of our dishes




Ganefle :

Born in the upper Susa valley during the hardships of the war.
Simple but refined dish, in fact it is baked gnocchi seasoned with local sauce and toma.




Calhette :

Coarse-looking “gnocchi” seasoned with oil, vinegar and pepper.
Poor dish born when the valley was full of potatoes. It has become almost impossible to find on menus but very much alive in popular memories




Tartiflette :

Typical dish of Savoy, one baked of
potatoes, onions and cheese cooked slowly in the oven in an earthenware dish.

In this place all the products, from
pasta with bread, they are homemade
as it was once used.

Some information on nettle, an ingredient in some of our dishes.
Nettle is one of the best medicinal plants in existence, with a large
curative and medicinal power
from root to stem from leaves to
Since ancient times it enjoyed great
prestige for its qualities
We wish you a good appetite.