Grange Tachier – A traditional Piemontese Restaurant

We are an authentic, rustic and traditional establishment. Our kitchen always uses the highest quality ingredients which we use to make homemade bread, original pasta flavours and soup made from our home grown vegetables.

Our dishes are created using ingredients grown locally. Our summer allotment allows us to make seasonal dishes using these fresh ingredients; for example we use our courgettes, chard and spinach to make the delicious “Cajette”. These ingredients are mixed together, boiled and served with oil and balsamic vinegar.

One of our most popular dishes is “Le Ganefle” is predominately made from our native potatoes, grown only a short distance away.  Le Ganefle is a type of large gnocchi or dumpling, which has been cooked in the oven with local cheeses Toma, Gorgonzola together with tomatoes.

We also produce a purple variety of potatoes for our gnocchi.  This is served with a bolognese sauce, either with beef or game meat or when in season, pumpkin or mushrooms.

Our meat comes from a butchers in the valley.  Our kitchen uses traditional copper saucepans, and we typically cook on a low flame whether it be with chicken, game, rabbit or beef. This high quality meat becomes soft, tender and of course tasty.

Our cheeses come from the dairy farmer at Malafosse (a nearby hamlet in the Sauze mountains). The cattle are brought up to graze on the summer pastures of our mountains.  Then the milk is collected and the cheese is stored and matures here in the mountain air.

All of our food is cooked using cold-pressed 100% Italian Extra Virgin oil.

Our desserts are hand made freshly each day. We use a variety of delicious local fruit and follow traditional Piemontese recipes to create special sweet treats.

In conclusion we hope that you enjoy your meal with us, and that you have a special experience with us, enjoying our local recipes created with expertise and passion.