“Crazy wine that usually pushes even the wisest man to sing a song, and to laugh heartily, and sends him to dance, and lets slip a few words that were better kept silent” Homer.

White Wines

Langhe Arneis TRAVERSA D.O.C. Slightly fruity with white peach and almonds, with a herbaceous flavor, characteristic of its kind (best prize Arneis 2003) …….. € 16.00 worn out

Chardonnay BEL COLLE D.O.C. The wood makes its aromas intense and lively releasing a varied bouquet ………. € 24.00


Langhe NAS-CETTA Bel Colle D.O.C. Nascetta is a native vine originating from the Alba hills, a distant relative of Grò blanc, a typical vine of the Val di Susa. Straw yellow color with greenish reflections. Olfactory complex, fruity with hints reminiscent of acacia honey and thyme ……….. € 24.00


Chardonnay 2022 f.lli Barale. COLOR: straw yellow with golden reflections. BOUQUET: intense, mineral, characteristic of grapes with hints of acacia flowers and spicy notes. TASTE: fresh, full, savory and persistent € 30,00


Gavi DOCG la Rocca  Coppo. This classic Piedmontese white is obtained from Cortese grapes, one of the oldest native vines in Piedmont, so called because it was intended for the production of wines for the Court. Gavi La Rocca comes from a soil made up of calcareous marl which gives it an unexpected mineral complexity. €30.00

ROERO ARNEIS D.O.C.G PESCAJA The color of Roero Arneis Pescaja is straw yellow with greenish reflections.
It has a pleasant and persistent scent: hints of banana, but also of grapefruit and pineapple with fresh herbaceous notes.
Fresh, full-bodied, enveloping and pleasant€ 35,00

TIMORASSO D.O.C Cantina Tortona Derthona Obtained from the historic vine of the area, an important white that is well suited to aging. Nose: Surprising on the nose with the breadth of its aromas and mineral notes. Taste: Full-bodied white, rich in freshness, flavor, citrus notes and tropical fruits, long and persistent. € 35,00


LANGHE DOC Très Plus ORLANDO ABRIGO The proximity of the territory, our dialect, the dedication to the vineyard and the culture of food have roots in nearby France. This is evidenced by Louis Odard, the first winemaker to work in the Langa since the 19th century. Très Plus is the most French of our wines; challenge and honor for wines produced with Chardonnay grapes. It has an intense yellow color with mineral and complex aromas: the taste is fresh, broad and enveloping. It improves with time € 37,00


Nebbiolo rosato delle colline novaresi Barlan Torraccia Del Piantavigna the traditional allegorical figure of the Ghemme carnival was the inspiration for this great and distinctive rosé. Creating a rosé starting from a red wine par excellence may seem paradoxical, however, Nebbiolo lends itself well to this type of winemaking thanks to its acidity and concentration of aromas. Barlàn is a great rosé outside the traditional mold

€ 18,00