“Wine is bottled poetry.”


Red Wines

Those who only drink water have a secret to hide

(Charles Baudelaire)


La Monella barbera del Monferrato doc sparkling 2021 Giacomo Braida  € 22,00

It is the wine with which the history of Braida officially begins:
the first grapes for this wine grew in grandmother Caterina’s vineyard
and in the cellar grandfather wrote “La Monella” with chalk on the most exuberant Barbera barrel. It is lively and has never changed because
it is perfect in its simplicity

Barbera d ‘Asti docg Casa Scarpa 2020  € 25,00

Color: Intense ruby ​​red Aroma: Intense with a complex bouquet of red and black fruits. Taste: Dry, fresh, surprising for its power in some years, pleasant persistence

Barbera d’Alba “La burdinata” D.O.C. TRAVERSA € 25,00

€ 27.00Dry wine, with a bitter body, when aged it softens and acquires a full and harmonious taste, intense ruby ​​red color suitable for mixed boiled game and bagna cauda 



CURREJ Barbera d’Asti BRAIDA € 25,00

Brilliant purplish ruby ​​red colour. Broad and expressive bouquet, fruity and floral, with sensations of fresh blackberry and cherry, wisteria, sweet tobacco and liquorice. The flavor highlights a full, dry, savory and fresh taste, balanced in spicy, fruity and floral notes

Barbera d ‘Alba Superiore D.O.C Raffaele Gili € 27,00

Also important in its intense ruby ​​color, it imposes a broad and intense aroma of jam and fruit, with hetero notes of vanilla, it enhances the richest cuisine and is not afraid of bagna cauda, ​​game and cheeses.

Barbera D ‘Asti Lequilibrio D.O.C.G. MONTALBERA € 30,00

Representative wine of the Piedmontese tradition. Harvesting of Barbera D ‘Asti grapes in purity with optimal maturation and thinning. vinification in steel tanks. aging in “balance” between barriques and tonneaux of selected French oak 

Barbera d ‘Asti Superiore 80 YEARS D.O.C.G. DEZZANI € 30,00

This Barbera was created to celebrate 80 years of production and trade of great Piedmontese wines from the historic Dezzani winery, founded in 1934. Vivid ruby ​​red color, tending to grainy with aging. The bouquet is intense, complex and elegant, characterized by pleasant spicy and red fruit notes. From the long aging in wood derive hints of toasting and dried fruit. The taste is full, enveloping, round and persistent 

Barbera d’Alba Superiore PAIROLERO SOTTIMANO shows a deep ruby ​​red, with violet reflections, aromas of fiola and small red fruits on the palate you can feel all its full and fluid complexity balanced by a good minerality  30,00 €

Barbera d’Alba doc 2020 Pellissero € 32,00

The color is bright and intense ruby ​​red, the liveliness makes it particularly pleasant and inviting. The very fine olfactory sensations grow slowly, providing initially fruity nuances of blackberry and cooked plum and then vinous, fermentation, typical of Barbera, with the right aromatic contribution of the wood


Barbera d’Alba doc Ceretto € 35,00

a red with a strong territorial imprint, which is dark red in color with bright purple reflections. On the nose it is rich and exuberant, with intense aromas of ripe cherry, wild blackberry, small red berries, plum and delicate nuances of violet and sweet spices. Intense and satisfying, it has a subtle tannic texture and is a juicy and dense fruit, which extends soft and harmonious towards a very fresh, savory and persistent finish.



Barbera d’Asti Camp du Rouss Coppo € 36,00

Literally “Field of red”. 12 months in barrique, intense notes of red fruit and sweet spices, body and great balance wine that suggests plum and nectarine on the nose and palate. Medium-bodied, it has a bright, clean acidity, with a fresh finish



Barbera d ‘Asti D.O.C. DAMILANO € 39,00

The red color of Barbera d’Asti Damilano turns into shades of intense purple and the aroma is fruity with light spicy notes; the flavour, ethereal and persistent in the mouth, reflects it with hints of currant, violet, cherry and vanilla notes.



Barbera d’Alba DOC VIGNOTA Conterno Fantino € 39.00

The color is bright ruby ​​red. The aromas express notes of violet, aromas of cherries in alcohol, spices and liquorice root. On the palate it has a good structure, with soft and rich fruit, subtle tannins and a balanced freshness finish.

Barbera d’Asti Bricchi ancient wine house Casa Scarpa € 40.00

Tasting notes: it stands out for a beautiful intense purple-red color; the nose is complex, with notes of ripe red fruit, spices, with a woodiness that gives balance and elegance to the bouquet; in the mouth the wine is full, warm, soft, velvety, with a beautiful acidic freshness that supports the important body.

Barbera d’Alba Superiore la Preda f.lli Barale 2020 € 48.00

COLOR: ruby ​​red with purple reflections. BOUQUET: broad, pleasant and intense, spicy notes and well-ripe fruit with a touch of cherries in alcohol. TASTE: dry, with great strength and pleasant acidity.

Barbera d’Alba Superiore DOC 2020 CASCINA MORASSINO € 48.00


Ruby red color. The nose is expressed with notes of ripe cherry and plum, red fruits and jam. On the palate it is harmonious and full, with velvety tannins and intense persistence 


Barbera d’Asti La Bogliona D.O.C.G. € 69.00

it stands out for a beautiful intense purple-red color; the nose is complex, with notes of ripe red fruit, spices, with a woodiness that gives balance and elegance to the bouquet; in the mouth the wine is full, warm, soft, velvety, with a beautiful acidic freshness that supports the important body.



Barbera d ‘Asti Superiore D.O.C.G. THE DEZZANI SCAGLIONI € 70.00 The name of this great wine is due to the particular conformation of the tuff “flakes” soil, where the vines suitable for producing this exceptional Barbera grow. Piedmontese excellence and tradition expressed in a glass of wine. Intense ruby ​​red color with garnet reflections. Its aroma is full, of red fruit, with notes of chocolate and tobacco. It is characterized by a unique, elegant, absolutely seductive flavor 


Barbera d’Alba superiore  NUDA MONTALBERA 2019 € 75,00

Intense, powerful and characteristic, with hints of cassis and dehydrated plums alternating with tobacco and leather.


POMOROSSO Coppo € 95,00

Pomorosso demonstrates surprising finesse and elegance. The richness of fruit scents is accompanied by a subtle mineral note. Intense aromas of violet, blackberry and cherry, mineral finish of graphite, intense purple red, structured and enveloping


BRICCO DELL’UCCELONE barbera d’asti Braida d.o.c.g € 96,00

L’Uccellone was the nickname of a woman who lived on the vineyard hill. Her nose was reminiscent of a bird’s beak, plus she always wore black: this earned her the nickname in town. Hence the name Bricco dell’Uccellone.

Very intense ruby ​​red color with garnet reflections. Rich, complex aroma, of notable concentration and depth; in particular, hints of red fruit and small fruits are highlighted, with some minty spices, vanilla and licorice in the background. Generous flavour, full-bodied and notable structure, perfect amalgamation of the characteristics of the vine and the contribution of the wood, in a combination of great softness and great class, very long aromatic persistence. Accompanies large meat dishes, roasts, even with sauces, mature cheeses.


Albarossa Dezzani € 28,00

The color is intense ruby ​​red. The bouquet is broad with hints of black cherry, berries and a very elegant fruity tone. Sweet tannin from Barbera and intense like Nebbiolo. It is a full-bodied wine, with a broad and linear structure, the aftertaste is long, pleasant and has a strong impact on the palate.



Nizza Dezzani.  € 28,00. 

Clear aromas of cherry, raspberry and currant surrounded by iris and gentle spices, good freshness on the palate, a full and balanced sip, with pleasant minerality

Roero “Antelin” D.O.C.G. Raffaele Gili € 30,00

the color is a beautiful ruby ​​red with garnet reflections, it offers an intense sensation of aromas, reminiscent of raspberry and jam accompanied by spicy and ethereal notes. on the palate it offers a full, warm and harmonious consistency, offering the best of itself as it ages like great wines 


 Langhe Merlot Cascina Morassino 2018 € 30,00

Very intense ruby ​​red color.
On the nose it presents aromas of undergrowth, spices and vanilla.
On the palate it is warm, powerful with a well-integrated vein of tannins. It goes well with pasta in broth, boiled beef, lamb, game and polenta.

Dolcetto di Dogliani D.O.C.G. Bricolero CHIONETTI € 35,00

Rich and important color, bright purple. Aromas of dark fruit, red flowers, mineral hints. balanced, to drink immediately with traditional dishes, but even after a few years it will surprise you..

Ruchè D.O.C.G. VIGNA DEL PARROCO  Ferraris € 38,00

Ferraris. In the glass it captures attention for its colour, ruby ​​red with light violet reflections which transform, with aging, into bright orange. The bouquet, fine and persistent, is characterized by a notable aromatic perception, a fusion of the scent of violet and dog rose.



Gattinara Torraccia del Piantavigna 2017 € 50.00

Ruby red color, tending towards orange. Fine and pleasant perfume reminiscent of violet. Dry, harmonious taste, with a characteristic bitter aftertaste, suitable with red meats especially 

Gattinara D.O.C.G 2019 Travaglini € 55.00

intense garnet color, the nose reveals delicate spicy hints, dominated by a clear and strong minerality; pleasant with solid structure

Gattinara D.O.C.G. three vineyards Travaglini € 60.00

wine produced only in the best years. Intense garnet color, the nose has broad fruity, warm and ripe sensations of jam, plums and tamarind. In the mouth it regains strength from the solid tannin but above all from the fresh and savory final trail. Pairings: structured first courses, red meats, game and aged cheeses

Gattinara D.O.C.G. Riserva Travaglini € 65.00

Exceptional nose, intense and iron minerality, unique balsamic traits, all wrapped in an elegant and persistent note of crunchy fruit. great taste richness in the classic style that only Travaglini wines can give



Maretta D.O.C. Torracia del Piantavigna 100% vespolina grape, a native vine of very limited diffusion that grows on clayey soil, of fluvio-glacial origin. it is aged for 18 months in French oak barrels and in bottle for another two months …….. € 27.00




Rouché THE TRADITION Montalbera (three glasses RED SHRIMP) Warm on the palate, intense violet perfume, persistent aromatic, bright red color with violet reflections, warm and harmonious taste on the palate, has a perfect body tasted in moderation frees the spirit and opens the mind ………. € 24.00

Rouche ‘LACCENTO Montalbera (3 glasses of red shrimp), a sublime original wine. The quantity of flower and fruit present in its aroma is that of some of the most beautiful and intense grapes, persistent aroma in rose petals and wild berries in intense ruby ​​color with important purple reflections, pleasant warm flavor of rare silkiness. € 45.00

Roero “Antelin” D.O.C.G. Raffaele Gili the color is a beautiful ruby ​​red with garnet reflections, it offers an intense sensation of aromas, reminiscent of raspberry and jam accompanied by spicy and ethereal notes. on the palate it offers a full, warm and harmonious consistency, offers the best of itself as it ages like great wines ……… € 30.00

“Life is too short to drink bad wine.”


Nebbiolo coasts of Sesia D.O.C. TRAVAGLINI € 27.00

obtained from Nebbiolo grapes and aged in oak barrels for 10 months. it has a pleasant ruby ​​red color with mineral nuances supported by licorice violet and a pink finish. pairings: appetizers, pasta, meat and cheese dishes


Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC Moscone. € 27,00 

Nose: Intense of red fruit and berries, plum and currant, floral aromas of dried rose and violet, followed by spicy hints of pepper and liquorice. Taste: Elegant and medium-bodied, the alcohol content is well balanced by an acidity that gives freshness and, together with the velvety tannins at the end, make the drink persistent and satisfying. Food pairings: Perfect with fatty and savory dishes, Piedmontese cheeses and cured meats. It is recommended with stewed meat and boiled meats. Ideal with succulent first courses and excellent paired with fried meat and vegetables.



Nebbiolo d’Alba Sansivè Raffaele Gili € 28.00 docg

Garnet red color, fruity hints of raspberry, geranium and wild strawberry but already reveals the first spicy signs, it goes well with egg pasta, meat main courses and aged cheeses


Langhe Nebbiolo doc  2019 Pellissero € 30,00

Clear, brilliant, purplish-red in tone with the evident lighter tannic nuances visible on the edge of the glass typical of Nebbiolo. The olfactory sensations are persistent, fragrant, open and highlight the fruitiness and immediacy of the wine, surrounded by clearly perceptible notes of strawberry and raspberry, characteristics of this wine



Langhe Nebbiolo D.O.C.G. Sottimano € 32,00

historic vineyard which gives the wine a particular spicy and liquorice note, with aromas of cherry and tobacco, with great structure, silky and enveloping.

LANGHE NEBBIOLO DOC Cascina Morassino € 35,00

Ruby red color with slight garnet reflections.
On the nose there are aromas of ripe fruit and spicy hints.
On the palate it is a rich and well-structured wine, with a long persistence.

Nebbiolo d’Alba doc bric du nota 2019 Ancient wine house Scarpa € 36,00

Color: Ruby red with a tendency towards light garnet.
Perfume: intense and delicate, reminiscent of violets and peach.
Taste: Dry with the typical tannicity of the vine at a young age, as it ages it becomes very harmonious and delicate.

Nebbiolo d’Alba doc 2021 Bernardina CERETTO € 40,00

The color is ruby ​​red, lively and brilliant. The bouquet is oriented towards aromas of violet and rose petals, aromas of raspberry and small red berries, with a slightly spicy and woody background. On the palate it is medium-bodied, with a pleasant tannic texture, intense fruit and a finish on fresh and savory notes.


The Nebbiolo grape variety and the rich calcareous-clayey soil of the Langa municipalities are the fundamental characteristics that give it a ruby ​​red color with light garnet reflections, a delicate and characteristic aroma with hints of violet and red fruit and finally a properly tannic and good-tasting flavour. body, velvety and harmonious.

Langhe Nebbiolo doc. 2022 f.lli Barale € 42,00

The ruby ​​red color acquires garnet red reflections with
aging. Intense, broad nose, with notes of small red fruits and sensations
florals of rose, violet and wisteria. In the mouth it is dry, full-bodied, rightly tannic when young

Langhe Nebbiolo Ginestrino D.O.C. Conterno Fantino € 45.00

The rows of a dense vineyard are lined up – green-reddish or yellow – like the waves of the sea, and contend in eddies for the richness of a sea. Cool, amazement, hidden treasures 

Nebbiolo Valmaggiore DOC  2016 ORLANDO ABRIGO € 54,00

The vineyards of this famous Roero cru are not very productive and are located on very steep and sandy hills which require the vineyard to be managed “everything by hand”, without the aid of machines and tractors. It is therefore a heavy job, done out of pure passion in order to obtain a wine of great character.


Lessona D.O.C TENUTE SELLA € 75.00. 

Bright and bright garnet, intensity of very fine herbs and spices, dried leaves and flowers, ferrous minerality and elegant citrus nuances. Superb on the palate, soft and enveloping, excellent to accompany a kid stew (nebbiolo 85% vespolina 15%)



Bramaterra D.O.C TENUTE SELLA € 45.00 OUT OF STOCK

the sands of these hills are the basis of the strong personality of these wines from northern Piedmont Anise and white pepper, plum and raspberry. Pleasant and long flavor with the right balance (Nebbiolo 70% Croatina 20% Vespolina 10%)  



A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than any book in the world.

  (Louis Pasteur)

Barbaresco “Starderi” D.O.C.G. TRAVERSA € 52.00

A pleasant and intense olfactory heritage, reminiscent of violet, garnet red color with orange reflections to combine with roasted and braised game but also excellent with cheeses 




Barbaresco DOCG Meruzzano ORLANDO ABRIGO.  2019  € 75,00 

It reveals fine and noble tannins from a young age; it is marketed 3 years after the harvest.




Barbaresco D.O.C.G. MOCCAGATTA € 70.00

Garnet red color, elegant and velvety wine with aroma of fruits, spices and vanilla




Barbaresco docg Nubiola 2018 Pellissero € 70,00

The latest born among the Barbaresco Pelliseros, the first bottles date back to 2001. It belongs to an important denomination for history, tradition and culture and has all the strength and complexity that a great vine can express.


Barbaresco DOCG Meruzzano 2017 ORLANDO ABRIGO  € 75,00

of an intense ruby ​​red color that turns to garnet. Inviting nose in shades reminiscent of small dewy red fruits, blood orange, iris, a forest green note, tobacco and cedar wood. Tasty, elegant and vertical tasting, very savory with dense and languid tannins that give harmony


Barbaresco D.O.C.G cascina MORASSINO € 80.00

Great wines from small cellars, garnet red color, aromas of macerated flowers, cherries and raspberry in alcohol, a nice freshness on the palate, harmonious wine 



Barbaresco D.O.C.G Cole Moccagatta € 70.00

powerful wine concentrated thanks to hard work in the vineyard, aromas of cherry, raspberry, fresh licorice and cloves. but it is thanks to the palate that he gets the maximum of fruity tannic power 


Barbaresco docg Tetti Neive 2018 Ancient wine house Scarpa € 80,00  

Color: Ruby red with vivid garnet reflections; with faint orange reflections, in older vintages.
Perfume: Intense, pleasant hints of violet and dog rose.
Taste: Harmonious with soft fullness, sweet tannicity but with a strong and refined backbone. Tannins are robust and sweet at the same time.
Foods to pair with: Noble poultry, large rack of veal, feathered game


Barbaresco docg Ovello Cascina Morassino 2019 € 80,00

Intense ruby ​​red color with some slight garnet reflections.
On the nose it presents fruity hints of blackberries, raspberries and ripe cherries, or nuances of rose, liquorice and tobacco.
On the palate it is intense, structured and complex, with a spicy aftertaste.


Barbaresco DOCG Montersino 2017 ORLANDO ABRIGO € 85,00

Ruby in colour, the nose is complex with hints of red fruits and sweet spices such as vanilla, deriving from maturation in oak, but also tobacco and licorice, and light balsamic notes. It enters the mouth velvety, then more severe due to the presence of important tannins. Very persistent.


It pairs very well with the tasty dishes of Piedmontese cuisine, red meat and game, stews, roasts, hard and mature cheeses.


Barbaresco DOCG  Ceretto 2015. € 100

In the glass it has a splendid bright ruby ​​color with garnet reflections. On the nose it offers elegant floral aromas of violet and dried flowers, hints of medicinal and balsamic herbs, liquorice root, aromas of red currant, raspberry, morello cherry, delicately spicy nuances, roasting, bitter cocoa and blond tobacco. On the palate it has a medium structure, with a subtle tannic texture, fragrant and finely faceted aromas, which lead towards a very harmonious, fresh, savory and persistent finish.


Barbaresco D.O.C.G PAJORE ‘SOTTIMANO € 80.00

A wine of great complexity and rare elegance, fruity and floral aromas emerge on the nose with enchanting intensity. The taste is deep, robust, powerful and very persistent 



Barbaresco DOCG RONGALIO 2009 (project time) ORLANDO ABRIGO € 150

The project called “TEMPO” is an integral part of the philosophy of the company and of the Abrigo family, where “patience” and “maturity” represent fundamental values ​​of life, as well as work.
A careful selection of bottles from the best vintages is kept and preserved in the cellar, forming a concrete testimony to the aging capacity of the great wines of the Langhe.


Barbaresco Morassino docg 2018 (historical label)  € 190,00

Barbaresco Ovello is produced with grapes grown in the Ovello cru, in Barbaresco. The vineyard enjoys excellent exposure and is located on calcareous marl soils, ideal for the growth of Nebbiolo


Barolo di barolo 2019 doc f.lli Barale € 105,00

COLOR: garnet ruby ​​red. FRAGRANCE: broad, pleasant and intense; ethereal with notes of ripe red fruit, dried rose and violet. TASTE: dry, harmonious and velvety, with a fine and persistent tannic structure

 Barolo docg 2018 Ceretto. € 95,00

It is made with pure Nebbiolo grapes harvested in the municipalities of La Morra, Barolo and Serralunga and aged for 12 months in tonneaux and for a further 12 months in wooden barrels. The color is bright ruby ​​red, the nose perceives notes of red fruit under spirino, fresh flower petals and spices. The sip is large, elegant, soft and very long-lasting


Barolo Lecinquevigne is characterized by a ruby ​​red color with orange reflections and an intense aroma of evolved notes of rose, leather, tobacco, from which emerges a hint of violet and tar. On the palate it is broad and enveloping; sensations of softness prevail in the mouth, with a long and persistent taste.

Barolo docg 2018 Brunate Ceretto 170€

The “Brunate” by Ceretto is a Barolo DOCG which is characterized by the beautiful ruby ​​red color in the glass, crossed by reflections tending towards garnet. Varied notes and aromas dance and resonate on the nose, ranging from well-ripe fruit to balsamic, spicy and ethereal touches. When tasted, it has a full and elegant structure, with a persistent sip, characterized by a pleasant freshness and a finely integrated tannic texture. A great red, with which Ceretto confirms itself at the top of the main sector guides, both Italian and international.