Mixed appetizers 12,00 €

Roasted peppers with a dressing of parsley and garlic

Creamy Sausages baked in the oven

Large croutons made from black’ bread served with lard from Tuscany

Tomino a soft mild cheese with the scent of Tropea onions and rosemary



PIEDMONT TARTARE steak served with anchovy cream 14,00 €

PIEDMONT TARTARE veal steak served with celery and parmesan shavings 14,00€

Toasted black bread with alpine butter and green anchovies 14,00€


Mocetta az Agricola la Cacinassa: It is a typical cured meat that is obtained starting from the rod of adult bovine. The meat is cut and placed in layers in a container, covered with salt and spices and left to rest for two weeks. After this period, the pieces of meat are washed and finally hung in a fresh, airy place where they will rest for at least a month. The mocetta is so ready! You don’t need condiments to eat it, its modern taste goes perfectly with brown bread.  € 15,00


A board of local cheeses 14,00


Tomino a soft mild cheese with Tropea caramelised red onions 8,00 €




For intolerances and allergies ask the staff and consult the allergen book