Mixed appetizers 14,00 €

Roasted peppers with a dressing of parsley and garlic

Creamy Sausages baked in the oven  **

Large croutons made from black’ bread served with Val Susa lard (Rousset farm) 

Tomino a soft mild cheese with the scent of Tropea onions and rosemary



PIEDMONT TARTARE steak served with bagna cauda   **  14,00€

PIEDMONT TARTARE veal steak served with celery and parmesan shavings and pink pepper   **  14,00€

In Piedmont it appears in the list of traditional agri-food products approved by the Regional Council. Tansy can be used as a flavoring for omelettes and salads. In the Piedmontese tradition it was used for the preparation of bitter home herbal teas to aid digestion.

Toasted black bread with alpine butter and green anchovies 14,00€ 


Mocetta az Agricola la Cacinassa

It is a typical cured meat that is obtained starting from the rod of adult bovine. The meat is cut and placed in layers in a container, covered with salt and spices and left to rest for two weeks. After this period, the pieces of meat are washed and finally hung in a fresh, airy place where they will rest for at least a month. The mocetta is so ready! You don’t need condiments to eat it, its modern taste goes perfectly with brown bread. 15,00€


Plate of artisan bacon from La Cascinassa agricultural company 15,00€



Tasting of local mountain cheeses 14,00€


Tomino a soft mild cheese with Tropea caramelised red onions 8,00 €






 gluten free


** As bread and pasta are homemade, there may be airborne contamination



For intolerances and allergies ask the staff and consult the allergen book