When I drink I think, when I think I drink!

François Rabelais

La Monella barbera del Monferrato doc sparkling 1.5 lt €40.00

It is the wine with which the history of Braida officially begins: the first grapes for this wine grew in grandmother Caterina’s vineyard and in the cellar grandfather wrote “La Monella” with chalk on the most exuberant Barbera barrel.
It is lively and has never changed because it is perfect in its simplicity.

Barbera D ‘Asti Superiore Dezzani. 1.5 L 2015 presents recognitions of red roses, violets and ripe cherries, currants and raspberry, and then lives on tones of lightly spiced licorice, fresh and balsamic palate rich in olfactory returns, succulent, with cherry and pear epilogue … …… € 80.00

Ruchè L Impronta Montalbera 1,5l 2015 …………. € 50.00

An exceptional wine deserves an exceptional bottle. With this in mind, Giancarlo Travaglini began to create a bottle similar to a work of art. In 1958, the product became the epitome of a blend of superior oenological quality and ornamental table design. Our bottle naturally captures the sediment during pouring, allows the wine to be served directly to the glass without decanting, and is ideal for ageing in a cellar. The dark glass filters the light and preserves the quality of the wine over the years.


Gattinara D.O.C.G. 2019 1.5 l TRAVAGLINI Exceptional nose, intense and ferrous minerality, unique balsamic traits, all wrapped in an elegant and persistent note of crunchy fruit. great taste richness in the classic style that only Travaglini wines can give ……… € 110



GATTINARA TRE VIGNE D.O.C.G. Travaglini 2018 

Created from the union between grapes from three vineyards in Gattinara, each with its own unique characteristics linked to the terroir. A wine that represents a balance between Gattinara Classico and Gattinara Riserva, but which maintains its harmony, character and grit. 

Balsamic sensation of cloves, liquorice, cinchona and iron traces. A fruity sequence of cherry, strawberry and vegetable notes.An elegant flavour refined in its balance, its taste is played on freshness and superb tannic extraction. A long and tasty finish characterised by a savoury aftertaste.GATTINARA RISERVA 2018 D.O.C.G. TRAVAGLINIA

historic company label, obtained from a careful selection of grapes from the estate’s most venerated vineyards. A wine that represents Gattinara’s tradition and history interpreted by Travaglini. 

Great complexity and concentration, dominated by liquorice spices and juniper berries, balsamic sandalwood and abundant toasting. This is followed by a fruity flavour reminiscent of fruit preserved in spirits, strawberry and blackberry jam, finished off with hints of wilting flowers.Elegant on the palate, with a vigorous and dominant tannin that takes on its full character as the years go by. Flavour and freshness dominate the palate, with a long and tasty persistence that continues to evolve.



Langhe Nebbiolo D.O.C.G. ‘2018 1,5 l SOTTIMANO historical vineyard that gives the wine a particular spicy and licorice note, with a smells of cherry and tobacco, with great structure, silky and enveloping ………… …. € 68.00


Barbera d ‘Alba Pairolero‘D.O.C.G. 2016 1,5 l SOTTIMANO shows a deep ruby ​​red color, with violet reflections, aromas of fiola and small red fruits on the palate you can feel all its full and fluid complexity balanced by a good minerality …….. € 68 .00


Dolcetto di Dogliani D.O.C.G. Briccolero 2018 1,5 l Rich and important color, bright purple. Aromas of dark fruit, red flowers, mineral hints. balanced, to drink immediately with traditional dishes, but even after a few years it will surprise you …………. € 48.00


Gattinara D.O.C.G. 2014 1.5 l Torraccia del Piantavigna Ruby red color, tending towards orange. Fine and pleasant perfume reminiscent of violet. Dry, harmonious taste, with a characteristic bitterish background, suitable with red meats especially ……… € 220,00