Main Courses



Tagliatelle homemade with semi-wholemeal flour seasoned with game ragù.  15,00 €




Traditional Ganefle: traditional Valsusina dish coarse baked potato gnocchi (our production) made as they once were with local toma cheese, gorgonzola and tomato sauce cooked in terracotta €15.00


White Ganefle : a large gnocchi-dumpling from an authentic recipe passed down through generations, baked in the oven with toma, gorgonzola 15,00 €


Gluten-free ganefla with local toma, gorgonzola and gravy tomato ** 15,00 €


Tartiflette: layered potatoes with onions, local toma and gorgonzola ** 15,00€


Sauze onion soup of our production with crouton of black bread, pepper, baked fontina cheese au gratin €15.00



Children’s pasta is available upon request 8,00€




Place setting 2,50 €

For intolerances and allergies ask the staff and consult the allergen book

* Depending on the season, some products used may be frozen ……….. for any doubts do not hesitate to ask for clarification

We inform our customers that there are no separate accounts