Mixed antipasti:


Roasted peppers with a dressing of parsley and garlic


Creamy Sausages baked in the oven


Large croutons made from ‘black’ bread served with lard from Tuscany


‘Tomino` a soft mild cheese with caramelised red onions

 Raw minced Piedmont veal steak served with anchovy cream


Raw minced Piedmont veal steak served with celery and parmesan shavings


A board of local cheeses

‘Cured` ham from Cuneo, with persimmon fruit (a sweet apple)



Ganefle: a large gnocchi-dumpling from an authentic recipe passed down through generations, baked in the oven with toma, gorgonzola and tomatoes


Tartiflette: layered potatoes with onions, local toma and gorgonzola


Tajarin: a homemade, thin, flat spaghetti style pasta made with stinging nettles served with a wild boar bolognese


Purple gnocchi, made with local Sauze potatoes served with a delicate pumpkin and mushroom sauce


Red cabbage soup with “black bread” croutons and grated fontina cheese baked in the oven


Bagna cauda, a garlic and anchovy sauce served with seasonal raw and boiled vegetables.(on reservation)



Polenta with wild boar roasted in “Nebbiolo” red wine and juniper berries


Polenta, baked with toma and gorgonzola


Polenta with sausage and tomato sauce


Grilled Italian sausages served with chips


Polenta, baked with toma and gorgonzola.

Guinea fowl in a cream sauce served with roast potatoes


Fillet of Piedmont veal served with roast potatoes


Children’s pasta is available upon request


Polenta milled with the stones from “Mulini” in Piemonte


Homemade desserts


– An “upside down” caramelized apricot and almond tart.

– Apple tart, with a buckwheat and whole meal pastry.

– An old fashioned dessert made from caramelized custard, coffee, chocolate and amaretto.

– “Double kiss” buttery, hazelnut biscuits, with dark chocolate.

– A coffee cream mouse served with fruits of the forest, almonds and pine nuts.

– Panna cotta with a caramel sauce

– Apple crumble layered with fruit and a home made custard with a hint of white wine and Marsala


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