Wines of Our Valley

The overwhelming force of wine penetrates man and spreads and distributes the heat in the veins

 Tito Lucrezio Caro

Madlen white wine’l GARBIN Valle Susa Chiomonte Citrus and eucalyptus scents ….. € 16.00

Gesia Veja white wine Azienda Agricola Bosio Almese It is an ancient native vine of the Lower Val di Susa, mentioned since 1800. Rediscovered and enhanced in the last ten years thanks to a few surviving examples in the Giorgio Falca family vineyard in Rivera di Almese. Complex and dynamic, it leaves a tasty savory trail accompanied by the right acidity with an aromatic background reminiscent of balsamic notes and a slightly almond finish. …….. € 20.00

La Goya rosé wine Azienda Agricola Bosio Almese With a pleasant pink color with salmon reflections with delicate aromas of dog rose, red currant and raspberry; freshness and moderate acidity are the characteristics of this easy to drink wine ……….. € 20.00

Garbin Valsusa D.O.C red wine’l GARBIN Valle Susa Chiomonte Wine obtained with pure Avanà grapes, a native grape variety from Valsusa grown on the terraces of Chiomonte. Fresh and fruity wine, with light body and ruby ​​red reflections. Excellent with dedicated cured meats and cheeses, combined with any meal ……….. € 18.00

Vigna Veja red wine ‘l GARBIN Susa Valley Chiomonte Scent of berries and mallow flowers typical of Havana. heroic viticulture on the terraces, the Veja vineyard can only be reached on foot along ancient mule tracks, the grapes are harvested by hand and transported to the valley with a seventies cableway ………. € 20.00

Privilege 2016 Prever Villarbasse farm Deep garnet red color, typical blend of Piedmontese vines, aged for 18 months in Tonneaux and Barrique. Wine suitable for moderate aging, aromas of vanilla, red fruit and pepper. On the palate round, buttery, slightly tannic and with hints of plum and cherry ………….. € 18.00